Things to do on the Costa del Sol

  • 27 January, 2021
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Known for being one of the most visited regions of Malaga, Spain, the Costa del Sol is without a doubt one of those tourist destinations that you should visit at least once in your life with your partner or family. With very good weather throughout the year, and many natural points for tourism, it is taken by many as a treasure of Europe.

Extending up to 800 km, the Costa del Sol is a destination that offers endless activities to do on each visit. Going from its colorful cities and beaches to visit. Even the clubs and restaurants to spend it with the whole family or couple on vacation without worries.

Counting on wonderful beaches and countless unparalleled sunsets. This is one of the most coveted destinations in Europe, and it is normal not to know what to do when you arrive on the Costa del Sol. But don’t worry, because these are all the things you can do on the Costa del Sol on each visit to the throughout the year.


A walk through the historic center of Marbella

plaza los naranjos marbella

We start with a main course, and it would be the historic center of Marbella. Commonly called as “old town of Marbella”. It is a route of great aspect and history to travel with the whole family without any complication.

It is an almost perfect intermediate for those who seek to know more about the past, as well as for those who seek to find the culture and the true feeling of the Costa del Sol, making anyone feel at home.
Going from the famous Arab wall, to its extensive churches, museums and renowned cultural restaurants. A walk through the historic center of Marbella is one of the best things you can do on the Costa del Sol, being a simple, entertaining destination for the whole family.


Visit the imposing Colomares Castle

Castillo de Colomares Benalmadena Costa del Sol

Of great size and history for the entire province and visitors, the great Colomares Castle is one of the busiest tourist spots in the entire province and perhaps in all of Benalmádena as a municipality. It has more than photogenic places and various guides for tours throughout the area.

It is ideal for a quick and cheap visit, in which you will learn about the area, as well as its history and culture.


Selwo Aventura Park and Zoo

jirafa zoologico selwo estepona

Belonging to the Andalusian municipality of Estepona, and with more than 100 hectares to visit, the Selwo Aventura is a theme park and zoo of great enjoyment, with more than 2000 species to its credit brought from all continents and in a state of semi- freedom.

Selwo Aventura is a perfect destination to spend the whole day between zone and zone without the need for a lot of money, discovering wonders of nature and unique species that you surely do not know yet.


A couple of rounds of golf in the best courses in Spain

campos de golf en la costa del sol

Having more than 80 courses to choose from, one of the most striking tourist spots on the entire Costa del Sol when it comes to sports, would be its various golf courses, ideal for all types of players.

Classified by many as the best golf courses in all of Spain, and even as one of the best in all of Europe for its prestigious design, location and quality. In Costa del Sol and specifically in Marbella, on the Carretera de Casares, you can play a couple of games at an affordable price and regardless of whether you are a sports fan or not.


Cable car in Benalmádena

Teleferico benalmadena

If you are looking for impressive views and unique photos to remember, the Benalmádena cable car is a well-known attraction throughout the entire Costa del Mar without equal.

Climbing Mount Calamorro from the foot of Benalmádena in a trip of only 15 minutes. It is a pleasant and short journey in secured glass cabins, in which you will climb up to 770 meters above the level of the Mediterranean Sea and then reach the top of Calamorro.

Having various venues and shows once you reach the top, one of its best-known events is the demonstration and action of the various birds of prey in the area. Ranging from properly trained hawks, vultures, eagles and owls so you can see what they are capable of.


The caves of Nerja and their mysterious charm

cuevas de nerja

If, on the other hand, you prefer to be at the foot of the sea or even below it, the caves of Nerja is a tour that can easily take you hours and hours of travel due to its charm at first sight.

It is a complex of large limestone caves and underground formations that extends throughout Nerja. Having large stalactites and stalagmites that impress anyone who enters no matter where they come from.

There are many guides and tours in the area as it is a somewhat large complex. So, if you have a whole day to spare, venturing into the caves of Nerja and their mysterious charm is an impressive, healthy and risk-free activity.


Its warm beaches

playas de la costa del sol

Possibly one of the best things to do along the Costa del Sol would be to be able to enjoy its various beaches and places at the foot of the sand. Beyond recommending a specific one, go and choose your favorite beach on the entire Costa del Sol.

Ranging from paradisiacal and closed beaches such as Burriana beach, Maro beach, Cabopino beach or Calahonda beach, to others more suitable for the most extreme of the family, with high waves and perfect for surfing, such as La Malagueta beach, Puerto Banús and the rest.

One of the greatest attractions of the entire Costa del Sol and even of all of Europe due to its warm and constant temperature, along with its low prices and various shops or street vendors with typical gastronomy of the area.


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