Sports you can do in Torremolinos

  • 21 February, 2021
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One of the most famous municipalities in the entire province of Malaga must have a large number of sports to do along its coasts, right? Rich in culture and tourism for its great sunsets, cities and towns without equal, Torremolinos has a lot to talk about when looking for an opportunity to do sports as it should be.

Whether it is to continue your training while the family is on vacation, or to start your future sports career, this is everything you need to know about Torremolinos and sports.

Going from its local clubs and activities, to the most recommended spaces such as the Torremolinos Municipal Sports Board for any athlete who is out on the town for a couple of weeks.

Torremolinos and high quality golf.

campos de golf en la costa del sol

Moving away a little from the activities given by the municipality or the Municipal Sports Board, it is well known that, in Torremolinos and much of Malaga, golf is taken as a sport of great renown and importance.

Whether or not you have a sports career in the area, Torremolinos golf is something you should try at least once in your life if you are visiting the different municipalities of Malaga. And in general if you are visiting Spain.

Being almost a tourist activity, the Torremolinos Golf School space, together with the Miguel Ángel Jiménez Golf Academy, are the courses most recommended by many locals when it comes to wanting to enjoy a bit of golf in its best presentation.

It has both spaces. Fields of almost any type and size for all types of players, including the most professional, as well as the most novice or directly those who do it for entertainment.

Surfing in Torremolinos. How good is it?

Practicando Surf en Torremolinos

As expected, thanks to the wonderful beaches that extend along the entire coast of Torremolinos, surfing has turned out to be a highly demanded and fruitful sport for the area.

Ideal to practice it seasonally or on vacation, there are many beaches that you can try in Torremolinos depending on your level in the world of surfing. However, to advance things a bit, surfers generally take the beaches of Los Álamos and Playamar as the best destinations to practice.

The best thing you can do would be to practice in summer and spring seasons if you want a complete experience. You can reach the sea easily, as well as reach the coast in a matter of seconds thanks to the waves of these beaches.

And where is Paddle Surf in Torremolinos?

Practicar Paddle Surf en Torremolinos

If you are already someone much more advanced with wave management and its different levels depending on the season, you may have asked yourself this question after reading about surfing in Torremolinos.

Going more to the point, in Torremolinos and in general, throughout Malaga there are many Paddle Surf schools and academies for all levels. The most famous in Torremolinos are the DR Paddle Surf school, and the Paddle Surf La Barracuda.

In addition to this, something that is common to find along many of the beaches of Torremolinos, are the shops dedicated to the world of Paddle Surf and the sale or repair of boards, paddles and others. Therefore, any small accident or repair that you need will not be very difficult to solve at the moment and without leaving the coast.

Volleyball in Torremolinos.

Voleibol Playa en Torremolinos

Being a mostly coastal and touristic municipality, volleyball is one of those sports that have managed to get where they are thanks to the arrival of so many cultures and in general the encouragement that comes from seeing someone else play it.

Also named as volleyball, volleyball or volleyball, it is a sport played almost always on the beaches of almost everyone. And, Torremolinos was not going to be an exception.

In a nutshell, trying to score the most points by passing a ball over a central net, reaching the ground of the opposing team.

Having not so recent fame in Malaga, there are many companies or local shops that offer everything you need to play volleyball on the beaches of Torremolinos with your friends and family.

However, it has also been given professionally throughout many schools through portals such as Diversport Torremolinos or bodies such as the FFEVP and UMA with their championships.

Torremolinos y el Ciclismo.

Ciclismo MTB en Torremolinos

When we talk about cycling in Torremolinos we are talking about perhaps one of the most common sports on the entire Costa del Sol, since although it has never been a participant in major tournaments or professional championships as it happens with surfing or golf, it is a constant sport. throughout the municipality, and you will surely notice it as soon as you arrive.

Given its long streets and wide network of trails, cycling in Torremolinos is undoubtedly a healthy option to improve your figure, since of course people are not only concerned about their clothing or hairstyles but also take care of their figure and health. It even has various clubs or small traveling groups in case you don’t know the street very well.

Where is running in all this?

Correr en Torremolinos

Running in Torremolinos happens like those sports that, from the tourist point of view, are not as expected as they take place in a municipality rich in wide coastlines and sports similar to surfing or golf.

However, if it is not very well expected, it is perhaps one of the best you can see in all of Malaga. This is due to the diverse system of mountains and trails that Torremolinos offers in its geography. It has routes that go directly from the coast to mountains of considerable height that require all kinds of effort.

One of the best-known spaces for lovers of hiking and running is the Cañada del Lobo as an open natural space. This is an easily accessible meeting point among its wide network of trails, mountains and river mouths. So, if you plan to practice a bit in Torremolinos, try to find him for safety.

Currently, Torremolinos is constantly expanding, as many people are overshadowed by all the advantages it offers. That is why New Developments are being built on the Costa del Sol like these.

The city of Torremolinos offers a wide range to choose a good sport to practice and, together with the Mediterranean diet, maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Dare to practice any of these sports!