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These are our New Developments in Manilva, so you can enjoy your family home, wellness and quality of life.
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Middle Floor Apartment 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms in Manilva Ref: R4199626
From 266.600€
94 m2
9 m2
Middle Floor Apartment 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms in Manilva
R4423783 Ref: R4423783
From 2.750.000€
480 m2
1400 m2
R4179187 Ref: R4179187
From 513.000€
123 m2
16 m2


obra nueva manilva

If you are looking for a property that offers peace and tranquility, check out the apartments, bungalows and luxury villas in Manilva. This beautiful Spanish town lies on the coast of the southwestern edge of the province of Malaga. The town is known for its beautiful beaches and marinas. If you are looking for new developments in Manilva that offer you the best investment opportunities, check out the beachfront properties. Here are some factors you should consider while purchasing a property in Manilva.

1. Property type.

When buying real estate in Manilva, you can buy apartments or villas. The growth of apartments and communal living in Spain is increasing because of affordability and the facilities offered by these properties. But if you prefer privacy and want to purchase an exclusive property, you can purchase a luxury villa in Costa del Sol. Hence, the first thing you should decide while investing in a property in Manilva is to select the type of real estate you want to purchase. While selecting the type of property that you would like to invest in, you must consider your budget as well.

2. Utility of the property.

To invest in real estate in Manilva, you need to evaluate the property's utility. For example, if you want to purchase a property to spend the holidays with your friends and family, you must check out the new developments in Manilva. Similarly, if you are planning to purchase a property that you want to give on rent at premium rates, you also need to purchase exclusive villas or upscale apartments. Such properties attract more guests, making it easier for you to recover your investment.

3. Property appreciation rates.

This often depends on several factors, like the property's location and facilities. When you invest in a property, you want the value of the real estate to improve. You should keep this in mind when investing in a property in Manilva. Several investors opined that the valuation of properties in the town had decreased. However, this trend seems to be receding, and property prices are rising. Hence, when you purchase a property in Manilva, ensure that it is in those parts of the town where the property price will improve in the near future.

4. Check the latest properties being developed.

You might feel that purchasing second-hand properties are a good idea considering the price. But new developments in Costa del Sol always come with modern amenities, which are essential in the long run. So, you will find that in a second-hand property, you will have to modernise it to make it liveable. However, when you purchase a new apartment or villa, it will come equipped with all modern facilities making it ready to live in the property.

Thus, when you invest in a property in Manilva, you need to consider several factors, not just the property's price and location. First, you must check whether it is a new property and its facilities. Then, when all the facilities and features of the property meet your requirements, you should purchase it.