New developments in Fuengirola

These are our New Developments in Fuengirola, so you can enjoy your family home, wellness and quality of life.
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Semi-Detached House 3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms in Fuengirola Ref: R4137811
From 1.350.000€
507 m2
33 m2
Semi-Detached House 3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms in Fuengirola
R4123882 Ref: R4123882
From 430.000€
70 m2
24 m2
R3385603 Ref: R3385603
From 525.000€
78 m2
29 m2
R3454336 Ref: R3454336
From 739.000€
69 m2
100 m2
R3557668 Ref: R3557668
From 160.000€
45 m2


obra nueva Fuengirola

Fuengirola is a big city in the Malaga province of Costa del Sol, a tourist hub in the Andalusian region of Southern Spain. Like its neighbors, Fuengirola is also known for its long sandy beaches, stretching over 8 kilometers. Known in ancient times as Suhayl or Suel, when occupied by the Phoenician, Roman, and Arab communities, the town has undergone massive evolution over the centuries.

Today, modern urban development has a visible influence on this town. New developments in Fuengirola are taking over the city, making it ready for the next generation of inhabitants. The modern designs also aim to keep the city up with the rest of the world to keep its appeal as a tourist hub.

Fuengirola’s vibrant community is constantly developing and upgrading itself. Not just the tourist-attracting resorts and hotels, but even the properties for sale are being constructed in a contemporary fashion. There are a wide array of property choices for those wishing to buy properties in Fuengirola.

Among the various property options, buyers can find a range of apartments, townhouses, luxury villas, penthouses, condos, and much more. The new developments in Fuengirola is coming up with are beautifully constructed with large terraces to enjoy with friends, family, or just by yourself. The balconies and terraces are also laced with beautiful, lush green plants. The detailing in the new build homes in Fuengirola surpasses expectations and gives off an air of luxury, despite being relatively affordable for serious buyers.

The new constructions that Fuengirola has to offer are created to be sustainable and have advanced features like heated floors, big windows and balconies that let in plenty of sunshine and vibrancy, lush gardens which add to the freshness in the region, and beautiful views of the sea or the mountains, or both! These new structures are designed in modern, contemporary, and highly urban designs, with modern decoration pieces and tall palm trees all around.

A number of high rises are being constructed to offer more affordable options for people who cannot really afford a luxury villa or want to live in a smaller space. Security measures are paid attention to, and these constructions are not only equipped to have multiple security guards but also a number of safety measures like CCTVs.

The new developments Fuengirola are made while keeping the pace and needs of modern life in mind. People’s comfort is kept at the center of each project, and fostering an environment that brings a sense of revitalization is encouraged.

When buying a property in Fuengirola, it is recommended that buyers take a look at the different options of new developments on the Costa del Sol that we offer to find the property that best suits them. Know your budget and try to find properties within that range.

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