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These are our New Developments in Mijas, so you can enjoy your family home, wellness and quality of life.
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La Cala
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obra nueva mijas

Do you love avocados more than anything else? If the answer is yes, go to Mijas! Just kidding. Mijas, a small municipality in the heart of the Costa del Sol region in the Andalusian belt in Southern Spain, is a beautiful place to be. Yes, it does produce avocados in large numbers as well. Located in the Malaga province, Mijas is known for its numerous tourist attractions, many museums, its typical white-washed Andalusian structured center, and much more.

The Mijas municipal region is formed of the following major sections:

● The Mijas Pueblo, which is the city center

● The La Cala de Mijas, which is a coastal village and a resort on the seaside

● The Mijas Costa, which is the primary residential and commercial area and is adjacent to Fuengirola.

● The Las Lagunas, which are the suburban residential and commercial areas where most of the population resides.

The Mijas Pueblo is constructed in the traditional Andalusian way and offers many picturesque views, situated in the foothills of the mountains. The area boasts several tourist attractions and, thus, a vibrancy all year long.

A range of new developments in Mijas, are underway, which will further boost the tourist footfall and economy in the region. Since the area relies primarily on tourism, there is also a lot of tourist interest seen when it comes to investing in property in this region. If you are looking for reasons why Mijas is the ideal place to buy property in the Malaga region, consider the following factors:


The pleasant weather that Mijas experiences throughout the year are one of its highlights. Year-round, this region remains sunny, with little to no rain. The summer months, which attract the maximum tourist population, remain dry. The monsoon months also experience very little rainfall and ample sunshine. This makes Mijas perfect for indulging in the variety of watersports that this place has to offer.


It is a known fact that the Andalusian people are among the friendliest populations across the globe. Who doesn’t want nice neighbors? We all do, right? So investing in property, perhaps even living here, would be a treat.


Every part of Mijas provides breathtaking views to everyone residing and visiting here. If you invest in new build properties in Mijas, you will get a lifetime of beautiful sunsets, which is just a bonus! The views here are not only good to look at but provide a sense of calm and peace.


The Spanish economy is starting to pick up again, which means that this is a good time to invest in land or new build properties on the Costa del Sol. Mijas offers various options, including luxury villas, apartments, hotels, etc., to invest in.

Anyone thinking of investing in the Costa del Sol region would massively benefit from investing in Mijas on account of the various benefits this place has to offer. This bubbling and bustling, close-knit community and city will keep your spirits high at all times while also providing opportunities for growth.